Litany: For the Mind of Christ

adapted from St. John’s Prayer Book, St. John’s Church, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India Church of South India

Christ, be merciful unto us:

Hear us, Lord Jesus.

By your recovering of sight to the blind:

Remove from us all prejudice.

By your teaching on the mount:

Teach us to hunger and thirst after righteousness.

By your miracle at Cana:

Increase among us the joy of life.

By your parables about riches:

Help us to distribute.

By your words to those in authority:

Give us courage to rebuke the wrong in high places.

By your washing the disciples’ feet:

Teach us to serve others.

By your prayer on the cross:

Teach us to love our enemies.

By your cross and passion:

Help us to suffer for the truth’s sake.

By your presence in the church:

Keep us faithful to your law of love.

By your command to pray without ceasing:

Help us to live more nearly as we pray.

By the prayer you have given us:

Help us to do your will upon earth.

By your first and great commandment:

Make us to love God before all things.

By your equal insistence on love of others:

Make us to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Renew your Spirit within us.

Renew your Spirit within us. Amen.