Annual Meeting 2020

Members: the Annual Meeting of the AABS is coming up November 14 on ZOOM. You must register in order to receive the ZOOM link. I look forward to seeing you there. Meeting virtually this year offers us a chance for more international participation then is ordinarily possible. Registration via the registration tab above. Schedule on […]

Legacy or Lineage?

Rev. Dr. Jane Lancaster Patterson, Seminary of the Southwest and AABS President Recently, the cartoonist and philosopher of creativity, Austin Kleon, recounted an exchange with a person who asked him what he hoped his legacy would be. Kleon answered that he didn’t think in terms of legacy, but rather in terms of lineage, the whole […]

From Horror to Prevention

Jason M. Silverman, University of Helsinki Recently the field of Hebrew Bible has been rocked by another scandal, following closely on the heels of allegations of theft and smuggling of ancient manuscripts. Yet I was still shocked by the recent revelation that Jan Joosten, the now suspended professor of Hebrew at Christ Church, Oxford, was […]

Take My Unicorns But Leave the Hyssop

by Steven Bishop, PhD, Seminary of the Southwest, Austin, TX Students gaze at me in wide wonder when I tell them that unicorns are in the Bible, at least in certain translations of the Bible.  To add to their wonder, I tell them that the 1928 Book of Common Prayer has unicorns in three Psalms […]

New Lent Study Course

The Biblical Association for the Church of Ireland has released another Lenten Bible study course, this year on “Caring for the Garden of the Earth”. It is available for free from here. This is their tenth Lenten course offering.

New AABS Project: Blog Posts

Coming in 2019, AABS will start short, bi-monthly blog posts on topics of relevance for the AABS membership. Six steering committee members have volunteered to write the first blogs over the course of 2019. If these prove useful, the series will be continued and opened up to the membership. Stay tuned!

2019 Annual Meeting

The AABS meeting will be in San Diego, 22 November 2019. All parts of the AABS Friday meeting will be held at St. Paul’s Cathedral (Episcopal), 2728 Sixth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103 (619-298-7261), (We are hopeful that we will be able to arrange bus transportation from the convention center.) All are welcome to […]